Concern & action: Original external detail lost

Temporary of permanent loss of external details that are linked to the particular character of the building e.g. high quality and/or vernacular masonry, decorative masonry details, string courses, window and door sills and lintels, replacement of doors and windows

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Check whether the building has protected heritage status. If the building is listed, it is unlikely that permission would be granted for the removal of original features. Adapt design to incorporate external features or consider alternative installation method to prevent loss of details. For technologies that are installed externally, site them as discreetly as possible without detracting from optimal performance (e.g. for photovoltaics: consider 'hidden' roof areas or ground mounting). Remember home user may have an emotional attachment to character features, especially wall detailing (if covered or altered) and windows.

During implementation

Continue liaison with heritage body throughout installation to agree the installation methodology of measures affecting external details. Keep building user/owner informed regarding any amendments to building features during construction.

After implementation

Inform the relevant heritage body of the reinstatement of any original external features affected by the measure installation.