Reference: Tech Paper 1 -Thermal Performance of Traditional Windows (2008) Baker, P., (Historic Scotland)

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Abstract or summary

Historic Scotland’s Technical Conservation Group commissioned the Centre for Research on Indoor Climate & Health at Glasgow Caledonian University to carry out a series of tests on traditional window performance. Windows are the most targeted building element for replacement to reduce heat loss in dwellings. The window that was tested, provided by Historic Scotland, was a typical timber single paned sash and casement window.

A series of heat loss reduction measures were tested. These measures are all standard steps that people can take and are widely available, including the use of curtains, shutters, blinds, and secondary glazing. All the options were tested on the window in the Environmental Chamber at Glasgow Caledonian University, and all were shown to reduce the heat loss through the glazing to varying degrees.

This report clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of various options for reducing heat loss through windows.

Clearly there are some other considerations to take in to account; for instance, some measures cut out light altogether, and so can only be used at night. Some measures are more expensive than others, which is another major consideration for homeowners. This report allows people to make measured judgements regarding how they can reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions, and their fuel bills, without taking away the character of traditional buildings.