Reference: Tech Paper 9 - Slim-profile double glazing (2010) Heath, N., Baker, P. and Menzies, G.

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Abstract or summary

This report consists of three research reports presenting the results and analysis of studies on the thermal performance and embodied energy of slim‐profile double glazing. Other factors, such as appearance, cost or practicalities of slim‐profile double glazing or secondary glazing are not considered in this Technical Paper.

Slim‐profile double glazing is of smaller thickness than conventional double glazing. Due to this slimness, it is, in many cases, possible to fit it into windows designed for single glazing.

For the research, the thermal performance of ten slim‐profile double‐glazing systems was measured, and the performance of the whole windows calculated from the measurements.

For comparison, a single‐glazed window was calculated with and without secondary glazing.