Reference: Ventilation, Infiltration and Air Permeability of Traditional UK Dwellings (2011) Hubbard, D.

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Abstract or summary

The focus of this research is in the field of ventilation in traditional dwellings, specifically with reference to the rule of thumb quoted by English Heritage for historic buildings of “twice the normal level of ventilation” being required.

Examination of the subject has taken place through a literature review and empirical case studies of two groups of un-improved dwellings, considering the ventilation delivered. One of the studies has been undertaken on behalf of the SPAB.

The results challenge the orthodoxy, with a number of dwellings having air permeabilities which comply with the current regulations for new build dwellings and common infiltration points have been identified.

The study also includes an introductory study of air flows related to flues and chimneys, which may be an important factor in older buildings.