Reference: The Performance of Traditional Buildings: the SPAB Building Performance Survey 2013 (2013) Rye, C, Scott C & Hubbard, D.

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Abstract or summary

This research study carried out by SPAB assesses the performance of seven traditional buildings that were subject to various energy efficiency refurbishment methods. Measuring across a range of parameters, the study looks at the ways the energy performance and environmental behaviour of traditionally built dwellings may be affected by this refurbishment. Specifically, the study looks at:

Fabric heat loss throught the U-value measurement of wall elements both in the form of in-situ and calculated U-values.

Air infiltration through air permeability testing and thermographic survey.

Moisture behaviour; room and wall moisture including wall surface, sub-surface and interstitial moisture via hygrothermal monitoring and,

Indoor air quality, comfort levels and fabric risk through the measurement of CO2, interior temperature and relative humidity.