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Thermal Performance of Traditional Windows and Low-Cost Energy-Saving Retrofits

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Tech Paper 8 - Energy Modelling of the Garden Bothy, Dumfries House

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Tech Paper 9 - Slim-profile double glazing

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Moisture and Bio-deterioration Risk of Building Materials and Structures

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Resilience of ‘Nightingale’ hospital wards in a changing climate

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The Impact of energy efficient refurbishment on the airtightness in English dwellings

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FutureFit:Report part 1

2011: EST/Affinity Sutton

Will drivers for home energy efficiency harm occupant health?

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Developing a database of energy use of historic dwellings in Bath, UK

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A review of bottom-up building stock models for energy consumption in the residential sector

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Ranking of interventions to reduce dwelling overheating during heat waves

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Condensation risk – impact of improvements to Part L and robust details on Part C

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Drying of brick walls after impregnation

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Assessing the execution of retrofitted external wall insulation for pre-1919 dwellings in Swansea (UK)

2010: Hopper, J., Littlewood, J., Geens, A., Karani, G.,Counsell, J., Evans, N. and Thomas, A.

Insulating flat roofs

2012: English Heritage

Insulating thatched roofs

2012: English Heritage

Insulating dormer windows

2012: English Heritage

Insulating timber framed walls

2012: English Heritage

Early cavity walls

2012: English Heritage