Concern & action: Listed building consent

Submission of detailed proposals for approval by local planning authority conservation officer (and depending on listed status statutory body that protects built heritage e.g. English Heritage, CADW, Historic Scotland or Northern Ireland Environment Agency) needed for works placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Risk level 4 has been used for measures that need submission for approval and are more controversial or disruptive (e.g. EWI, IWI, Floor insulation, replacement glazing, new windows, installation of renewable energy generation technology e.g. P.V. panels, new heating system). Research the building's 'listing description' and any 'statement of significance'. Develop proposals that avoid changes to

During implementation

Continue consultation with local authorty's conservation officer and heritage body during construction to confirm implementation of proposal as agreed.

After implementation



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