Concern & action: Personal capacity/Right opportunity

People need the right opportunity to make a change to their home - many factors involved and the capacity of the household to undertake the installation may be limited (by e.g. health, busy lives, job changes, finance).

Suggested actions

Before Implementation

Engage users and understand their personal circumstances and what their interest is in the specific measures proposed. Consider whether there are any situations within the household that make the work inappropriate (e.g. health, change of employment) or better suited to another occasion (e.g. future plans for kitchen conversion) Discuss fully with users the impact of undertaking the changes will have in their building (what areas need access, what elements are dismantled, noise, dust, hours of work) and make sure they understand any disruption and complexity (e.g. boreholes for gshp, underfloor heating screeding) so that they can make informed choices. Consider carefully what the right time is to implement the various measures and make recommendations suited to the specific requirements of the customer.

During implementation

Keep users informed throughout the building work of progress and any variation relating to duration, disruption or complexity.

After implementation

Review the project and get feedback from users about their experience during the work carried out to feed into future projects.