MEASURE: Continuous mechanical extract ventilation with demand control ventilation

Review of ventilation strategy to ensure sufficient ventilation is provided. This strategy uses fresh air intakes (wall or window vents) and the installation of a ducted, continuously running, mechanical extract ventilation system with local controls to adjust speed settings. Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) adds a method of control of the ventilation system by demand factors (e.g. humidity, occupancy, presence of VOCs) as required by the specific use of the space. Windows can be opened for rapid purge ventilation.

Monitoring & feedback recommended: Yes


Continuous operation maintains specified air flow and fresh air exchange at all material times. Can be used in buildings with unquantified air permeability. Demand control allows air flow maintained at adequate levels when it is needed but possible to reduce air flow when not required. This results in energy saving without compromising the air quality